Saturday 6th 17.30 & Sunday 7th August, 14.30



clearing (2010) was created at the request of composer Gavin Wayte to accompany his sung drama Metamorphosis for baritone and piano.



Acting as a scenic backdrop to the Wayte work, clearing uses field recordings taken in various outdoor environments (forests of Luxembourg, ocean coast of Rhode Island-) to create a soundscape that shifts between seemingly stable identities, establishing then transforming one natural setting into another sonically related yet geographically distant one.


Through the use of identifiable outdoor sounds, clearing also transforms and dislocates the interior space of concert performance, drawing on a thematic strand of the Kafka story (transformation from human to beetle) to confuse cultural space and ‘natural’/’animal’ space.

Alexis Guneratne: Sound Artist


Alexis Guneratne sculpts and prepares sound for performance and installation contexts, working mainly with recorded sound gathered in the field or in the studio. He also creates work for instrumental performers, and has collaborated with artists in the fields of theatre and performance art. He is a former member of the MANTIS electroacoustic community at the University of Manchester (UK).