Saturday 14th August, 12.30-13.10pm Welsh National Opera


Introduced by: WNO MAX Director, Rhian Hutchings



This 20 minute film, part animated, part filmed, concludes a three-year programme of work delivered by Welsh National Opera in the Bay area of Cardiff, working with local people of all ages and backgrounds to turn their stories in to song. The Paul Hamlyn Foundation has funded the programme of work.

The film is collaboration between Composer Peter Swaffer-Reynolds, WNO singers and musicians and C.H.I Productions. A series of song-writing workshops took place within local primary schools, community groups and WNO Singing Club to create the music in the film.



A mysterious man arrives by boat in Cardiff Bay. He carries a magic bag that holds the sounds and music of those he meets during his journey. But then his bag is stolen and the music is unleashed with dramatic results.



Writer: Anthony Brito
Composer: Peter Swaffer-Reynolds
Director/Editor/Special Effects: Gavin Porter
Writer: Anthony Brito
Director of Animation: Kyle Legall
Film Consultant: Brian Murrell
WNO MAX Producer: Åsa Malmsten


Stuart Campbell, Ros Evans,
Shakira Johnson, Kiddus Murrell
Rashid Omar, Leanne Pearce
Sara Pearce, Darren Tyson
Community members
WNO Singing Club




Community Helps Itself


(C.H.I) Productions are a multi-media and creative arts company with a social ethos. The organisation creates, facilitates and trains artists, community groups and young people in the arts of filmmaking, spray-can art, storytelling and animation. C.H.I designs creative projects that reach out for participation in the wider community.


Peter Swaffer-Reynolds is a multi-instrumental composer who has worked with circus, silent movies, theatre, dance and site-specific events since the mid eighties. He spent formative years in Europe and Scandinavia learning from some of the most excellent musicians of improvisation and composition. His references are traditional. Everything is familiar. The edge comes in the renegade ability to redefine and mould melodies out of this history of brilliant things. Peter has worked for WNO MAX on several community song writing projects including Shake and Shout with National Dance Company Wales.