After studying jazz and classical music in Austria there was no other choice for Georg & Thomas than going to London for a different view as opposed to what everybody would suppose them to do. With no specific plan in mind they just started playing around squatted places and were always looking for new collaborations with actors, dancers, other musicians, laptop artists and poets. Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Georg & Thomas composed and performed theatre music for an international contemporary dance group when they heard of Tête à Tête which led them directly into the arms of Bill Bankes-Jones. At a nice little café in Angel, Islington the idea was born to collaborate with the singer Loré Lixenberg. Surprisingly she lives around the corner from Carysfort Road which makes her another Carysfort story!





This episode-musical-theatre, containing visual arts, live music and digital soundscapes, portrays the quirky take by two foreign musicians on this crazy world we live in. Heading for London, looking for a place to stay, Georg & Thomas heard of a house in Carysfort Road where ”the better you play, the less you pay”. All the songs they perform are composed or arranged during their stays in Carysfort Road and are inspired by the places they saw and the people they met. These songs are collectively known as ‘Carysfort Stories’.


Georg – instigating woodwinds & voice


Georg Gratzer, based in the Austrian countryside, travelled through many countries to explore their musical culture. In the last four years he has very often passed by Carysfort Road in North London to practice Indian music, extended woodwind techniques and flutes from China and South America whilst being supervised by the conductor Mr. Chris Kanolis.

In London he has learned the conceptual skills that led him to become the instigator of ’Georg & Thomas – Carysfort Stories’.


Thomas – navigating 8-string guitar, voice & laptop


Thomas Mauerhofer is a freelancing guitar player, composer, producer and sound engineer based in Vienna, Austria. Like a tiramisu his playing style is comprised of a lot of different layers that have accumulated over the years while soaking up all sorts of influences like jazz during his studies, classical Indian music or rock in his early teens. If you want, think of him as a club sandwich. He is currently navigating the 8-string guitar and life itself. That seems to be more than one person can possibly handle at any one given time.


Loré Lixenberg’s rich experience of music theatre includes performing the lead role in Bent Sørensen’s opera Under Himlen at the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen as well as performing in many projects with Théâtre de Complicité. She has performed throughout Europe at numerous festivals including Wien Modern, Oslo’s Ultima and the festivals in Salzburg, Lucerne, Edinburgh, Witten, Donaueschingen and Aldeburgh.


Loré has performed as soloist with many distinguished orchestras and ensembles including BBC Symphony Orchestra, the Hallé Orchestra, Danish National Symphony Orchestra, London Sinfonietta, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Klangforum Wien, BCMG, Northern Sinfonia and Apartment House. She has featured in many television programmes, including the Channel 4 documentary ‘What made Mozart tick’ and most recently in ‘Kombat Opera Presents…’, a set of six television comedy operas commissioned from Richard Thomas by BBC2.


Loré Lixenberg sang the main female operatic role in Richard Thomas’ award-winning Jerry Springer – The Opera at the Edinburgh Festival, the National Theatre and in London’s West End, as well as on the subsequently released CD.