Interactive Broadcast

19:00-20:00, Friday 27th November 2020

Recording available for 28 days after broadcast


Music: Angela Luque

Words: Isabel Grábalos


A surrealist take on the true story of a family marked by adversity. 


Three minds, three women, three generations with a common past that persists in the form of transgenerational trauma. Step into their memories and live them through the lens of their altered thoughts. 


A reflection on how your ancestor’s lives can alter your reality, the realisation that death is not the end of everything and that true love can surpass the unthinkable.


Age range: 13+

Content warning: suicide references


Produced by LUQsociety


Venue: Interactive Broadcast.



This event was originally scheduled for Friday 30th October, and will now take place on Friday 27th November.


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Composer/Producer: Angela Luque

Librettist: Isabel Grábalos



Elenas: Anna Campmany

Male characters: Juan Laborería


Film director: Luis von Kobbe

Community Manager: Mercedes Schlossmann

Mixing engineer: Jordi Bosch

Makeup artist: María Ávalos

Lights: Sara Esparza

Camera assistant: Luis Vaquero