21:15-22:15, Friday 11th September 2020


Music: Matteo Fania

Words: Giovanni Privitera


Siddhartha wants to know the truth: the truth of our existence. Why are we here? What’s the sense of it all? Finally, at the end of a long trip, he’ll discover that the sense of it all is the water flow in the river; no wealth, no carnal bliss, and above all, no great knowledge will be able to give us the peace; only the water flow in the river will be able to.


Like Siddhartha, we want to avoid complication in our operatic language. We’ve tried to bring the text and music back to an ancient and simple form, while keeping contemporary opera’s sensorial techniques of inspiration.


Oratorio in semi scenic form and four scenes, based on the novel by Hermann Hesse.


All ages (mostly adults)


Produced by Matteo Fania


Venue: hopefully* The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH. 

*Read more here.






Listen to an extract here:


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On the same day:

Composer: Matteo Fania

Librettist: Giovanni Privitera

Siddhartha: baritone

Kamala: soprano

Govinda: tenor

The River: chorus