21:15-21:45, Wednesday 9th September 2020


Music: Laura Reid

Words: Christine Aziz


“When will you come my warrior, adorned in grief,

your one eyed snake wet with conquest?

My longing for you is the aim of an arrow”


The divine feminine powerfully manifests as Isis, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of love. Searching for her murdered husband, she expresses the sorrow and longing of all women whose loved ones have disappeared in conflict and oppressive regimes. Imaginary Opera presents a debut libretto by Christine Aziz. Blending electronica and contemporary music by Laura Reid with ancient forms magically transforming myth into a narrative for today. 


All ages (mostly adults)


Produced by Imaginary Opera



Venue: hopefully* The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH.

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Coverage in Dorset Magazine: www.pressreader.com/article/281599537732721


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Librettist: Christine Aziz

Composer: Laura Reid

Animation and Design: Martha King

Consultant Producer: Angharad Cooper