Thursday 5th & Friday 6th August, 21.00


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On his regular early morning show, popular DJ Chris Evans is telephoned by three ladies.


They proceed to destroy his mind.

Convinced he is a bird, he exits via the fourth storey window.

From “maverick composer” Ergo Phizmiz, The Mourning Show is a demonic-memetic-suitcase-living-room-opera.

“An excellent opera, which brought plunderphonics to a new level” – Vital Weekly




Music, Words & Direction: Ergo Phizmiz

Design & Video: Ergo Phizmiz, Vulnavia Vanity, martha Moopette & The Travelling Mongoose

Puppeteer: Vulnavia Vanity


Erik Bumbledonk as Chris Evans

Ergo Phizmiz as the Plague Doctor


Martha Moopeete, Lucinda Guy and Margita Zalite as the Callers