21:00-22:00, Friday 18th September 2020


Music: Dominic Matthews

Words: Sam Redway


The Social Media Age is in its infancy. The Tiresias 2.0 Programme carries a corrupted and evolving cultural code of the final generation of humans. With no disciples left, nothing but an echochamber and a plant pot for company, Tiresias 2.0 explores a barren far future in search of life. A unique, kaleidoscopic One Woman Sci-Fi Opera which asks how will we be remembered in a future we seem unable to avoid.


Age range: 13 upwards


Produced by Dominic Matthews


Venue: hopefully* The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH.

*Read more here.





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On the same day:

Composer and Music Director: Dominic Matthews

Libretist and Director: Sam Redway

Tiresias 2.0: Rosie Middleton