Tête à Tête declares a climate emergency

Thursday, 18th November 2021

Tête à Tête is proud to have signed up to Music Declares Emergency.


We’re standing alongside thousands of other signatories to say there’s #NoMusicOnADeadPlanet.


We’ve already been working hard to deliver and run work as sustainably as possible, tackling the issue head-on in our own productions, and raise new generations of opera makers who are aware of and addressing the emergency.


We’re already leading, mentoring, and bringing together Festival artists to give them the tools to be as green as possible. We’re also creating work to spread the word about the climate emergency, including Song of the Sea, our 2021 call to the G7 world leaders.


We’re also working hard to make Tête à Tête ecologically sustainable and regenerative. We audit all of our activity for climate impact, and try to make sure our shows are located so people can arrive on foot, bicycle, or by public transport. Set, costumes, and props for our own productions are always ethically sourced, and recycled or reused wherever possible, and we try to encourage and support artists in our Festival to do the same.


You can see our current Environmental Action Plan here. We’re currently getting ready to write our new one for 2023.


There’s always more to do, and we’re going to be including many more specific goals and targets to make sure that we’re doing what we can to address this crisis as artists and activists. That will include doing more to share what we’ve learnt, learn from others, and develop our platforms as a way to push for action on the climate crisis.