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Saturday 4th 20.10 – 20.55 & Sunday 5th August, 17.10 – 17.55
Flam Productions

Music: Michael Henry, Orlando Gough, Jocelyn Pook & Jeremy Peyton-Jones
Devised by: The Company
Direction and text: Emma Bernard
Sound design: Giles Perring
Costume: Stella Cecil

Singers: Melanie Pappenheim & Rebecca Askew

What if Miss Havisham could sing? How would one of the heroines of Dickens’ novel Great Expectations describe her fate?

Singers Melanie Pappenheim and Rebecca Askew provide the answers in their exciting new show.

Jilted imagines a modern day relationship between one of Dickens’s most striking characters, Miss Havisham, the aging, jilted bride in Great Expectations and his own wife, Catherine Hogarth, from whom he separated after 19 years of marriage and ten children.

As Catherine attempts to organize Miss Havisham’s belongings in order to move house, the two women needle, irritate each other, and compete for attention. Their stories are revealed through newly commissioned vocal music as they re-enact the wedding that never happened.

Commissioned by: Bath Literature Festival (2012)
Funded by: Arts Council, England

Photographer: Steve Williams