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Sunday 7th August , 19.30
An opera in one scene

Words & Music: Max Charles Davies
Musical Director: James Young

Featuring: Natalie Raybould as Sue, Catrine Kirkman as Jen, Rosie Strobel as Kate and Carl Herring as The Guitarist

A coup de banalité: three women meet over brunch to discuss work woes and rocky relationships, unaware that anyone is listening in…

Producers: Max Charles Davies & James Young In association with Arcomis (Arts Commissioning)

Max Charles Davies returned to Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival, in collaboration with James Young and Arcomis Live!, with Brunch – a tentatively labelled ‘pop-up ‘opera’’ that will appear spontaneously throughout the festival (with the exception of one advertised performance). The motivation behind the creation of this work was to make a sort of opera that at its centre had something funny and ‘everyday’ that people are instantly able to connect to. In Brunch’s case it’s a juicy, bitchy conversation between three women in a café, and we are all invited to eavesdrop. There are additional comedic elements and characters, but I won’t include spoilers here. Suffice to say that it is a multi-dimensional work that must be experienced directly and not through written description! Rather than being attended by choice, Brunch is brought directly to people, unadvertised and unlabeled, enabling unsuspecting audience members to develop emotional connections with the characters and material in a process that is free from possible prejudices associated with any contextualizing labels. The piece then becomes part of the unplanned fabric of that day – an unexpected trip to the theatre, but where the theatre is spontaneously made from your surroundings… All free of charge and with no expectations – just a hope that the performance entertains, inspires interest, and is enjoyed.

The score for Brunch is available at as part of the Arcomis online publishing system.