Online, 12th October 2020-1st November 2020


This event is a part of Cubitt Sessions Digital Stage for 2020.


Music & Words: Osnat Schmool


Produced by Filament Theatre


Earth Makes No Sound is Filament Theatre’s collaborative choral work inspired by the elements and climate change. It is a song and movement cycle which explores the possibilities of dynamic choral singing and the relationship between voice, movement, harmony, body percussion and improvisation. It combines a core professional company with community choirs and seeks to develop and change with each new collaboration. During the pandemic, we have reimagined three sections of the piece, sung by our community as they have been isolated and in some cases, shielding.


Feather Game explores and imagines the upper reaches of our atmosphere, but also plays with the idea of air and its ability to sustain movement. Earth Makes No Sound invites the viewer to contemplate the world from another perspective: lying on the floor, being close to the earth, imagining the depth of the layers beneath and the plates that move and shift to form the land masses and countries we know now. Plastic Tide was originally conceived as a response to the overwhelming pollution of our seas by different plastics. We’ve played with our interaction with the material, giving it focus and contemplating its use as well as its role after its usefulness is over.




If you would like to help Tête à Tête and the artists creating this show, take a look at this.


You can watch the live version of Earth Makes No Sound in our 2018 festival here.



On the same day:

Music & Lyrics: Osnat Schmool

Direction: Sabina Netherclift



Anna Jessiman

Alex Cunningham

Chris Staines

Dawn Coulshed

David Cummings

Elise Boileau

Eve McQuaid

Freya Wynn-Jones

George Admiraal

Holly Hunter

Jenni Elbourne

Joe Richardson

Josh Considine

Loussin-Torah Pilikan

Maxine Latinis

Molly Neylan

Molly Schiller

Natalie Mortlock

Nicole Trotman

Nick Trumble

Osnat Schmool

Priya Bose

Priyanaz Chatterji

Rathi Kumar

Rebecca Thorn

Ryan O’Riordan

Sterre Maier

Stefania Okereke


Sound Engineer: Tom Stone


Editor: Martin Collins