Online, 12th October 2020-1st November 2020


This event is a part of Cubitt Sessions Digital Stage for 2020.


It’s hard to believe there are only two people on stage as Catriona McKay and Chris Stout weave their way between glorious soundscapes and music of breathtaking simplicity. The duo has excited audiences all over the world with their own unique brand of music inspired by the traditions of their native Shetland and Dundee. Chris and Catriona have taken the most traditional of instruments and catapulted them into the contemporary world of music-making.


The relationship between Têtê à Têtê and Chris Stout and Catriona McKay was born out of the project Odysseus Unwound. Back in 2006, Têtê à Têtê was asked to create an opera with knitters and spinners in Shetland. A magical series of visits followed, including a residency for the whole Têtê à Têtê company in Fair Isle. You can see what happened in two documentaries made by the BBC. “One really humbling thing for us as an opera company was to hear the local families making music. It’s a great pleasure to have resumed that connection in programming this Cubitt Session by introducing Chris Stout, whose Auntie Florrie you can see in our documentaries, together with Catriona McKay performing some really magical music.”


The duo has performed on the biggest stages with Symphony Orchestras such as The Trondheim Symphony and the Russian Philharmonic. This year, they have recorded a reduced version of their performance for Cubitt Sessions.


If you would like to help Tête à Tête and the artists creating this show, take a look at this.


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Created by Chris Stout and Catriona McKay