Produced by DrawnForth

Friday 3rd August 19:00 – 19.15 2018

St Pancras Old Church,


This happening is to celebrate the launch of Fleet Footing a downloadable work combining music, maps and interactive performance with a walk charting the course of London’s lost river.


This flashmob style event is free to attend, open to all. You don’t need to buy the album and map for this. You can attend as member of the audience or as a participant. Register your interest to take part on Twitter @catherinekontz or email All volunteer participants will be given a free download of the Fleet Footing album and map as a thank you.

Fleet Footing

Music: Catherine Kontz

Words: Sarah Grange


Participants: Catherine Kontz

Sarah Grange

Rowanne Anderson

James Bull

Bill Bankes-Jones



Catherine Kontz is supported by PRS Foundation’s Women Make Music


Supported by the Hinrichsen Foundation