Sweeper of Dreams: The Calling

Opera Schmopera

Thursday 31 July & Friday 1 August, 2014

Platform Theatre Foyer Central Saint Martins



The libretto was written by Elizabeth Adlington as a submission for theEnglish National Opera mini-­‐opera writing competition in 2012. The music was composed after the competition had finished because the composer loved the libretto. THE SWEEPER OF DREAMS: THE CALLING is an all-­‐female production because too many contemporary operas are written for majority or all-­‐male casts, even though there are more professional female singers in the industry. It will be the first of several all-­‐female works created by Omar Shahryar, with a view to redressing the balance, making use of the incredible talent available.



The Sweeper of Dreams can’t do his job anymore – too much drinking on shifts and stealing money from the Tooth Fairy. It’s time he was replaced, but no-­‐one else has applied. No-­‐one, that is, except for Alex T. Strumm – a chubby sixteen year-­‐old girl with plaits. Called in front of the company Secretary, Director and Chairman, she must prove that she’s got what it takes to be a Sweeper of Dreams.



Sweeper of Dreams


Music: Omar Shahryar

Director: Omar Shahryar

Words: Elizabeth Adlington


Omar Shahryar is a composer, director and educator specialising in Opera and Music Theatre. Recent compositions include the musical Nicola (Bridewell Theatre), and soundtracks to the films: A Silent Picnic and Self Raising (Hatstand Productions). Future work includes a musical with Adrenaline Dance – touring churches nationwide from September 2014.


Elizabeth Adlington is Chief Executive of New Theatre, Oxford. She ran Aylesbury Waterside Theatre from 2009 to 2012 and Milton Keynes Theatre from 2007 to 2010.