Mary's Hand

Produced by McCaldin Arts

Wednesday 1st August, Thursday 2nd August 20:30 – 21:40


Holy Cross Church, 98 Cromer St., King’s Cross, London, WC1H 8JU


“I am the one you do not like”


Mary’s Hand is a new opera for solo voice about Mary Tudor, first Queen Regnant of England. Surrounded by political and religious intrigue she risked her head, heart and even her soul to survive. Remembered as ‘Bloody Mary’, she has had bad press. Mary loved card games and Fortune dealt her a tricky hand. Let Mary set the record straight – choose a card so we may begin.


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If you’d like some background to help you enjoy the show more, then why not read Wolf Hall or Lady Mary?


£7.50 in advance online, £9.50 in person/on phone/ on the door at the venue.


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Music: Martin Bussey

Words: Di Sherlock


Mary Tudor: Clare McCaldin