Interactive Broadcast

21:00-22:30, Monday 9th August 2021



There is also a live performance of this show at The Cockpit at 21:10-21:50, Friday 6th August 2021.


Music, Words, and Concept: Lore Lixenberg


Tickets: £1, plus optional donation.



Is it an app?? No! Is it an opera?? No! It’s an APP-ERA!!


The Voice Party and Tete a Tete present a performance of SINGLR, an experiment in what is possibly the first in a new APP-ertic form. SINGLR is an app designed to encourage meetings between beautiful like-minds and voices. SINGLR is a browser based app works in a similar way to GRINDR or TINDER but with SINGLR no words or speaking are allowed, no photos, and no info about the participant at all apart from their voice, and it is this complex vocalisation that forms the ‘sonic shape’  that represents the performer throughout the app experience. Imagine the delightfully cheesy ‘Take Me Out’ or ‘The Undateables’, but purely in song.


On August 6th, you are invited as audience to witness the APP-eratic meeting of the first cohort of ‘test’ SINGLRS. This meeting point is a fabulous curated salon where SINGLRS will meet and vocalise at the Cockpit for the first time in a C19 safe environment.


There will be an interactive broadcast in the form of a Q+A on August 9th where you are invited to ask any questions about becoming a SINGLR. SINGLR app will be reset and relaunched and you then invited to take part in a prototype experiment of the app and an online performance von Twitch in late September.


Age range: All ages, but mostly adults


Produced by The Voice Party


Venue: Online



If you would like to help Tête à Tête and the artists creating this show, take a look at this.


Music, Words, and Concept: Lore Lixenberg


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Music, Words, and Concept: Lore Lixenberg