20:00-21:00, Wednesday 29th July 2020 and Friday 31st July 2020 


Music: Jasmin Kent Rodgman

Words: Lisa Luxx


“…we woke up at 4:30 and the world was red.” 

—Eyewitness statement of the Lebanon wildfires, 2019 


Areas of our world which were once lush, green lands now crumble—starved, burned and barren. With CO2 emissions reaching new highs, sea levels rising at catastrophic rates and another El Niño event manifesting in late 2020, it is clear that we must make real collective change or face devastating consequences. 


Featuring acclaimed ensemble Hermes Experiment x poet Lisa Luxx, SKIN brings together opera, dance, film and poetry; a powerful new performance investigating climate crisis, the impact of environmental change on human displacement, migration and our attitudes towards otherness, media and consumerism.


Age range: 13+


Produced by Jasmin Kent Rodgman & Gaëlle Mourre


Venue: Hall 2, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG 


This performance has been postponed, but join Jasmin here as she shares her process and ideas.


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Music: Jasmin Kent Rodgman

Words: Lisa Luxx