#SongOfTheSea / Kan an Mor video launched as a message to COP26. What’s yours? #SOSCOP26

Wednesday, 03rd November 2021



In June 2021, we initiated Song of the Sea/Kan an Mor, a large-scale community project as part of the G7 arts programme, sending a thoughtful message about plastic marine litter and environmental issues to the world leaders assembled in Carbis Bay.


For the 2021 COP26 conference, we’re very happy to release this video of #SongOfTheSea above, and to encourage anyone to join us with messages on the same theme, either by making your written statement/video/sound recording and hashtagging it #SOSCOP26 on social media, or alternatively sending it to us to publish on our web page using the form below.



We’re also really happy to say that the plastic that we recycled from abandoned fishing net into whirly tubes with our legendary partners Waterhaul and Techtube has now been transformed once again by Waterhaul into litterpickers, finding another useful life and helping keep the environment cleaner.


If you would like to have your own ex-fishing net, ex-whirly tube litterpicker you can buy direct from Waterhaul by visiting the Waterhaul website on this link or click on the image above.


So, either:


1. post a message for Cop26 on social media and hashtag it #SOSCOP26 and if you have space use these from our Cornish Partners too: #ShoutLouder #Feast #CreativeKernow #CLASH #climatechange #environment #sustainability #globalwarming #savetheplanet #climate #climatecrisis #climateaction #COP26.  If you would like to see messages from our fellow Cornish artists please visit here.


2. send your message to us on this form below.


Let’s make our voices be heard once again.





    If you have a problem uploading audio or video attachments please just email it over to info@tete-a-tete.org.uk


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