Apollo's Mission

21:25-22:15, Wednesday 7th August 2019


Music: Edward Lambert

Words: Norman Welch


Once upon a time, fifty years ago, Apollo (the sun-god) was President of Everything, while his dim sister (the moon-goddess) was just a cabaret artiste in a seedy nightclub. As the Americans invade the moon in July 1969, events downtown take a sinister turn and confusion ensues. Can the gods sort it out or is the President too dysfunctional? Adding a bonkers twist to the Apollo 11 commemorations, a talented cast presents a funopera that investigates our fascination for all things lunar.


Produced by The Music Troupe


The Place, 17 Duke’s Road, London, WC1H 9PY




Facebook: /MusicTroupe

Twitter: @MusicTroupe


Please note that this show includes strong language.


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Words: Norman Welch

Design: Charlie Wood

Assistant Director: Marilena Sitaropoulou

Direction, staging & movement: Korina Kokkali

Musical director: Michael Papadopoulos

Musical assistance: Stephen Westrop, Ed Lambert

Drums: Luke Wyeth

Music: Edward Lambert

Piano: Susan Holmes

Clarinet:Catriona Scott

Angel, Mission Controller, backing vocalist: Helen Bailey

Angel, Mission Controller, backing vocalist: Sofia Livotov

Angel, Mission Controller, Selena: Natasha Agarwal

Scientist, Neil Armstrong, Nightclub Patron: Daniel Joy

Scientist, Michael Collins, Patron, Apollo: Dominic Bowe

Scientist, Buzz Aldrin, Nightclub Patron: Samuel Lom

Dancers: Marilena Sitaropoulou, Becky Stenning