Interactive Broadcast

20:00-21:00, Thursday 24th September 2020

Watch the broadcast below


There is also a live performance of this show at The Cockpit Theatre at 20:00-20:45, Sunday 20th September 2020.


This broadcast includes a recording of the performance, and additional live content.


Music: Liam Wade

Words: Charles Ogilvie


Bread and Circuses: ‘’an opera in two acts and a wrestling show’’.


Imagine a mash-up between World Wrestling Entertainment, verismo opera, and 90s style videogaming.


Set in the world of professional wrestling, the show explores ‘’Kayfabe’’: when we choose to accept the staged rivalries and relationships between wrestlers as real.


The show’s sound world is a fusion of opera, musical theatre, and 90s electronica. With music direction by Mark Johnson, score by Liam Wade, libretto by Charles Ogilvie, and stage direction by Julia Mintzer.


Surreal, daring and pacey, the energy and smack of Bread & Circuses takes no prisoners.


The initial broadcast included the company giving a live introduction to the interactive broadcast of their opera, and taking questions from the audience in a chat after the performance.


Age range: 13 upwards

Content Warning: Cartoon violence


Click here to download a programme for Bread and Circuses.


Produced by Eleanor Benson


Venue: Interactive Broadcast


If you would like to help Tête à Tête and the artists creating this show, take a look at this.


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On the same day:

Liam Wade, composer/MC Charles Ogilvie, librettist/designer Julia Mintzer, stage director Mark Johnston, music director Camilla Kersalke, designer Grainne Gillis, contralto Dev Bye-a-Jee, Sebastian Winnett, Ravensbourne Gaming Department; game design

Music: Liam Wade

Words: Charles Ogilvie

Original concept: Mark Johnston

Additional development: Julia Mintzer

Producer: Eleanor Benson


Music Director: Mark Johnston

Stage Director: Julia Mintzer

Assistant Director: Eleanor Burke

Production Manager: Ryan Wilce

Shaunie Flynn: Camilla Kerslake

Ada Vance: Grainne Gilllis

Voice of Vince Flynn: John Packard

Voice of the MC: Liam Wade

Piano: Mark Johnston

Percussion: Darren Berry


Video Game developed by: Ravensbourne University

Led by: Dev Bye-a-Jee

Animators: Philip Kakala, Sam Galloway, Jez Fermor, Sebastian Winnett

In consultation with: Charles Ogilvie and Sebastian Winnett