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The North Wind was a Woman




The North Wind was a Woman – EU Premiere


Commissioned by the Chamber Music Society of the Lincoln Center – world premiere by Dawn Upshaw, Chamber Music Society of the Lincoln Center, Alice Tully Hall, Sept 23rd, 2009




Dhyana – CHROMA commission, world premiere


This new work is based on 5 medieval (8th-11thC) Chinese texts, in an old English translation, taking the idea from Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde setting of translations of Chinese poetry after Hans Bethge’s Die Chinesieche Floete. Mahler sets poems by the 8th century Chinese poet Li Bai (or alternatively called Li Po), and one of my five poems is also by Li Bai. Whereas Mahler’s piece is more about earthly subjects, my piece, though also embracing nature and descriptions of nature (similar to the last song in the Mahler – The Farewell), is more spiritual.

The title Dhyana refers to a state of Buddhist meditation, although the work is not specifically Buddhist (the last poem by Chi Po from the 8th or 9th century has more of a Christian implication). The inner world could be the essence of most spiritual experiences at the heart of many religions. There are simple, harmonious, beautiful descriptions of nature too.


I took the initial idea from writing an hommage to Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde in the sense of going to the root source of medieval Chinese poetry, and then inspired by the Buddhist/Neo-Confucian/nature poetry, expanded the piece into its own, making it more timeless and universal. Marcus Barcham-Stevens, April 2011


The North Wind was a Woman

Music David Bruce,

Words: David Bruce & Alasdair Middleton



The North Wind was a Woman – EU Premiere

Music: Marcus Barcham-Stevens

Words: translations by Herbert Giles


Conductor: Christopher Austin

Soprano: Sadhbh Dennedy

with guest artist Avi Avital on mandolin


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