Saturday 20th, 19.45 & Sunday 21st August, 16.45


Ergo Phizmiz & the Gang of Rogues




From “maverick composer” Ergo Phizmiz comes an opera on Flann O’Brien’s perplexing masterpiece. Part thriller, part comedy, part science-fiction, this radical adaptation combines stagecraft, animation, puppetry, and distinctive, unforgettable music into an astounding composite for the ears and eyes. Expect bicycles, murder, atomic theory, typewriters, infinity, and sweets.


The opera is a truly 21st century adaptation of O’Brien’s work, using a wide array of creative methods and approaches in handmade and digital art to bring Ergo Phizmiz’s idiosyncratic take on O’Brien’s already idiosyncratic world to life.


Created in collaboration with a host of artists and performed by a cast of non-trained singers and comedians, with visual influences from Eastern European animation and musical references ranging from British dance bands to intricate electronic music, it promises to be a unique sensory experience.


This production was rejected arts funding at an early stage, and has been made possible by the kindness and generosity of friends and strangers.


The Third Policeman

Ergo Phizmiz & the Gang of Rogues

Music & Words: Ergo Phizmiz

After the novel by Flann O’Brien (By permission of A.M.Heath.Ltd)

Director: Ergo Phizmiz & Erik Bumbledonk

Video: Ergo Phizmiz with Elements: Martha Moopette

Masks: Martha Moopette & Michael Wade

Costumes: Martha Moopette

Paintings: Bryan Innes Parker

Hacked Toys: Puaj-Ehem

Protagonist: Vulnavia Vanity

Sergeant Pluck/ Old Man Mathers/ Sergeant Fox: Oblivian Substashall

Sergeant MacCruiskeen/ Martin Finnucane/ John Divney: Erik Bumbledonk

DeSelby: Ergo Phizmiz

Joe:Lucinda Guy

Mrs Divney: Martha Moopette

Mrs Divney’s Children: Talulah Lotus & Autumn Poppy





Ergo Phizmiz: Music & Words is a writer, composer, designer and film-maker. His moustache exists in many permutations and has a life of its own. Recently discovered the secret of time-travel but isn’t telling YOU. Yet.


Vulnavia Vanity: Protagonist is an exquisite dancer, songwriter, and practitioner of the musical saw. His collection of wigs has been compared to the Kunstkammer of Emperor Rudolf II of Prague.


Erik Bumbledonk Sergeant Pluck/ Old Man Mathers/ Sergeant Fox has bright blue shoes from Las Vegas and a singing voice that can spin a roulette wheel at the slightest twist of the larynx. His bottom is famous, and he waves at dogs.

Oblivian Substanshall: Sergeant MacCruiskeen/ Martin Finnucane/ John Divney is a genius of the lost arts. His mouth brass is more convincing than a Marine Band, and his marvellous songs flow like the Amazon River. Dislikes the word “itinerant”.


Lucinda Guy: Joe is co-director of Soundart Radio. Her collection of China bells now exceeds the length of the Great Wall. Only heard, but never seen.


Martha Moopette: Mrs Divney makes a myriad of things between films, ceramics, assemblages and immense heads, and lives on an Isle of Tea. The big-toe of her left foot is African-American.


Michael Wade: Masks is an incredible waxwork maker, sculptor, and possibly the most helpful man in the world.


Bryan Parker: Painter Bryan is a painter and vinyl hoarder with one robotic knee. There are those who say that he dances with wolves. But he doesn’t.