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Jane’s Contemporary Clinic

Sunday 18th August, 2013

Photo Malcolm Crowthers

photo by Malcolm Crowthers

Music Director: James Young
Performer: Jane Manning

Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2013 put a call out to anyone who wanted to experiment with writing extended vocal techniques to submit their works to Jane’s Contemporary Clinic.

Submission Guidelines were:

  • Pieces, excerpts or fragments for solo soprano or soprano and piano. Short is good: time is limited!
  • Normal lyric soprano range (not above high C) but with low extension to G below treble clef.
  • Any well-known language.
  • Be aware that very complex notation systems and an abundance of unfamiliar symbols will render the piece unsuitable for this clinic.
  • Be aware that this clinic is primarily to discuss vocal writing and extended techniques rather than work on complex ensemble problems.
  • As Jane will be utilising her legendary sight reading skills, please make sure that your score is exceptionally clear and not too small!
  • Pay attention especially to the readability of the text and its placement to get the most out of this marvellous opportunity.

Join contemporary singing’s most youthful and glamorous doyenne, Jane Manning OBE, as she celebrates her 75th birthday and the final day of Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2013 by sight reading and discussing a selection of brand new works in collaboration with Lite Bite MD James Young.