19:55-20:05, Tuesday 8th September 2020


Music: Samantha Fernando

Words: JL Williams


You think you know history, but that’s not how it really happened.


Gagarin, Shepherd, Armstrong, Aldrin, all those guys were late to the party. Vostok 1, Freedom 7, the Apollo missions they were dragging their tails. One small step for man was light years behind the woman. The woman was the first, long before them. She flew, on the wings of anger and rage, on the back of her fury to watch down from the far side of the moon. Holding the tides in her power, taking her space, finding peace. Why haven’t you heard her name?


A new piece created by Lucy Bradley, JL Williams and Samantha Fernando


Age range: 13+ (possible swearing)


Produced by Lucy Bradley, JL Williams and Samantha Fernando





Venue: hopefully* the Foyer, The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH.

*Read more here.


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On the same day:

Director: Lucy Bradley

Librettist: JL Williams

Composer: Samantha Fernando